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Originally Posted by acebaxter View Post
Any pilot that bases a career decision on a message board amazes me.

Captain year one pay $92/hr, 60 hour guarantee/28 day period. First Officers $57/hr.
Medical, dental, 401k with 50% match to 8%, paid time off.
Lower 48 schedule 18/12 and home based. Tickets to and from work on the first and last day of your 18 days of work. Per diem $1.85/hr starts and ends at your house. Minimum 10.5 hours free of duty every day. Accomodations provided while you are at work.

Alaska based crews bid a schedule and are in their own bed every night. If the aircraft is broken write it up, no harm no foul.

Training for the turbojets is a minimum of 8 simulator sessions in a level C or D simulator. No such equipment exists for the DC-6 so that training is completed in the aircraft.

Never furloughed. Never a late paycheck. Got a problem? Walk into the owners office and hash it out.

Yes, it can be hard work but you can sure do worse out there. I hope you are as well off where you are.

I was really just making a joke and speaking in general terms of the message board. Nothing against Everts directly although I found the bucket lav comment above, humorous.

Good to see a positive light about this company in your post. Many companies have positives, but people always seem to disclose more negative.
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