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Pr ater, a Continental pilot who was elected ALPA president last year, is focused on negotiating financial and work-rule improvements for pilot groups across the United States. "It must be an attractive profession," he said, or there will be a long-term pilot shortage.

Prater said it's not a viable strategy to simply make the current supply of pilots work harder. "Pushing the pilots who are there to fly even more hours per day or more hours per month has directly led to a chronic fatigue situation," he said, forcing flight cancellations.
Golly gee, I think the captain has figured it out! Genius.

Almost makes me want to be a career flight instructor: home everyday, own schedule, better pay, no union crap, short commute. But the industry has to make a comeback if they want to retain/hire pilots so I guess I'll be getting in at a good time.

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