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Originally Posted by md11phlyer View Post

Comparing accident records between FDX and UAL is apples and oranges. The system form and type of flying is totally different. But maybe you've never hub-turned in Asia with 3 typhoons lurking about...that's OK, I've never flown from Fresno to Bakersfield.
Really different eh? I have flown plenty of tags out of NRT on the 400 ( you know the 4 engine jet, that your competition operates) so yes I am familiar with Asia flying, South America and Europe. Seems that several of FedEx crashes have happened during daylight hours in the ol US of A. (MEM MD10, EWR MD11, TLH B727). I am not sure how many have happened outside the US. At any rate that is a significant number of crashes in a short period of time. Can you name a pax carrier with a similar record that is not based in one of the baltic states?

If you are too tired to fly a safe airplane then you should not accept the flight. Maybe that is the difference, the UAL pilots have the orbs to say NO to an unsafe condition. I hope the UPS pilots are more concerned about safety than FE because I am going to start shipping all my stuff on them in hopes of my items arriving without being turned upside down and burned.

As to the benefit situation. Didn't you guys just recently get a B fund?

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