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Originally Posted by Ted Striker View Post
Any rumors going around on those extra 190's Delta is no longer taking delivery of?
No, but we can start one! 11 of those E190s will come from Delta to us. First person to hear it on the line wins a prize

Originally Posted by Tom a Hawk View Post
Well I dunno about the DOT but I'll take a stab at us. When we got the DCA slots it was a bit of a last minute deal so whatever plans we had were changed / put on hold as we pulled 190s to do DCA and backfilled 320s on those other routes. Some 320 routes were ended to facilitate the DCA ramp up.

I don't think Cuba will happen like that. For starters we have some planes doing the charters already. So those become scheduled. Also DCA had immediate potential where as cuba may be a little slower growth as travel to the island picks up. I don't think they'll need to flood every slot they get immediately.
We run maybe 2-3 charters per day to Cuba currently. We'd be looking at 7-8 daily flights after the award. We would definitely need to juggle capacity to cover these flights (or get some new airframes).
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