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I'd be quite curious to know what college class would require such a report.

Perhaps you could enlighten us with a Course Number and Description. Or a school name.

Frankly, I seriously doubt your categorization as a "college student," even by today's standards, with the following gross misspellings, although your general misuse of English suggests you are from another country:


expence (a second time; at least you are consistent).

Saying specifically a "Boeing 757-223" shows that you do not understand that "223" is the Boeing Customer Number for American Airlines for a 757-200.

Your description for the scenario lacks critical details, such as airspeed at the beginning, bank angle, g-loading, g-onset rates, and roll-rates. The type of aircraft, other than "jet airliner," is largely immaterial.

It appears to me you are majoring in a BS degree (pun intentional) in Conspiracy Theories with a Minor in Selective Facts From the Internet....because everything you quoted would be available from the accident reports.

So here's the bottom line: Yes, someone with limited skills could do such a thing. Because it was done. No missile. No government cover-up. No Massad.

It's hard to land a plane skillfully. It's NOT hard to crash on purpose.

No "Foreign Investigative Journalism to Support Conspiracies" here. Thread closed.

(By the way: you don't have 500 hours of Flight Time from FSX. You have 500 hours of playing a computer game).
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