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Default 757-223 decending 330-degree turn?


Im Max, I am doing a report for a college class and I have a few questions for some 757 Pilots.

I am wonddering if the following manuver would be possable for myself.
I have about 500 hours flight time in FSX in 737's and have flown but not landed a cessna 150.
  • Could I with my current experence or less expence do the following?
  • Could you do it?
  • What amout of expence would it take?

A Boeing 757-223 is 5 miles (8.0 km) west-southwest of the Pentagon, the plane does a 330-degree turn.
At the end of the turn, the plane is descending through 2,200 feet (670 m), pointed toward the Pentagon and downtown Washington.
The plane then advanced the throttles to maximum power and dived toward the Pentagon. The plane Then levels out.
While level above the ground and seconds from the crash, the wings knocked over five street lampposts and the right wing struck a portable generator. Then flying at 530 mph (853 km/h, 237 m/s, or 460 knots)
over the Navy Annex Building adjacent to Arlington National Cemetery, the plane crashes into the western side of the Pentagon?

Could a pilot who could not land Do this maneuver?

Anything else to add, Please Share.
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I'd be quite curious to know what college class would require such a report.

Perhaps you could enlighten us with a Course Number and Description. Or a school name.

Frankly, I seriously doubt your categorization as a "college student," even by today's standards, with the following gross misspellings, although your general misuse of English suggests you are from another country:


expence (a second time; at least you are consistent).

Saying specifically a "Boeing 757-223" shows that you do not understand that "223" is the Boeing Customer Number for American Airlines for a 757-200.

Your description for the scenario lacks critical details, such as airspeed at the beginning, bank angle, g-loading, g-onset rates, and roll-rates. The type of aircraft, other than "jet airliner," is largely immaterial.

It appears to me you are majoring in a BS degree (pun intentional) in Conspiracy Theories with a Minor in Selective Facts From the Internet....because everything you quoted would be available from the accident reports.

So here's the bottom line: Yes, someone with limited skills could do such a thing. Because it was done. No missile. No government cover-up. No Massad.

It's hard to land a plane skillfully. It's NOT hard to crash on purpose.

No "Foreign Investigative Journalism to Support Conspiracies" here. Thread closed.

(By the way: you don't have 500 hours of Flight Time from FSX. You have 500 hours of playing a computer game).
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757, 9/11, american airlines, boeing, pentagon

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