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Originally Posted by 2dogs View Post
Do we keep the "Bank" money if we were bumped from a trip for training? I know we keep the money if the trip were cancelled, but I didn't find a specific reference to bumps. Since the trip was removed from my line, I noticed that the deviation bank was removed from the expense report as well.
You get to keep the bank if you are bumped for training. Save a copy of the pairing, now that you're off it, showing the training, the DH money, etc. Then, go into the expense report system. (You may have to create an empty report if it's early in a month.) In scheduled deadheads, in expense reports, in the correct month, go to add missing, enter the info and it will appear immediately in your report. It may take a couple of days for you to receive the notification that it's approved though. Make sure you put in the reason section "bumped for training".

You don't need to call or file an insight unless the process of the expense report scheduled DH add for missing record doesn't work and you get denied. I've done it the way I said above 6+ times in the past couple of years and it's worked fine. Takes 2-3 days to get the crew notification back that's it's approved, though.

Now, sometimes management will bump you for their own purpose and they will usually ask you in advance. You get the trip pay from a management bump, but not the bank.
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