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Originally Posted by PontiusPilot View Post

Potential "flow" to UA at my regional. (Passed Hogan, but I still need to interview for it.) No firm idea on how long it would take, but it would be years, and entirely dependent on UA hiring numbers. The years of waiting would likely be at FO pay due to the upgrade situation. The opportunity for JetBlue would present itself much sooner.
That doesnt sound like a legit flow- You shouldnt have to interview for it.
Coming to B6 is no picnic. Reserve is garbage for a "major" and first year pay is probably what guys get at a regional with those bonuses now, although Im not really up on regional details.
2nd year, assuming you're off reserve, is where you would see a real improvement over a regional.
The other factor that would make Jetblue tolerable is location- If you live in NY or Bos, then it is not a bad situation. Pm me if you want more detail-
Im a more glass half empty guy but plenty of guys here who think B6 is the kitty's titty. Talk to as many as possible to get an accurate pic of B6.
Again- good luck.
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