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Originally Posted by kaputt View Post
I'm sure this has been answered in threads on here before, but I was unable to dig it up via a search.

I've seen that everyone mentions how living in base will provide you the best quality of life, but what I haven't seen mentioned is exactly how far out you can live to where you would still be "living in base" and reaping the benefits of the enhanced quality of life.

For instance, would living an hour drive from your domicile be too far? Just trying to know what's a good limit on how far out to look for places to live.

And as a second, related question. Does anyone on here drive for their commute? If so, how far do you drive, and is that better than flying?

Appreciate any advice and thoughts!
I drive 25 minutes. I would say "how far is too far" depends on whether or not you're on reserve and, if so, what your min reserve call-out is. That being said, driving is still better than flying.

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