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Originally Posted by Avidflyer9AF View Post
Not to hijack the thread but regarding Total Time what is the consensus on including time in a "fat ultralight" that was not N-numbered prior to 2012 when Sport Pilot came along? I have a separate log book for this such time from the early to mid 2000s. There's an FAR that addresses this saying you can't but it appears there are some loopholes there. I'm not using the time towards a certificate or rating I just think it would be valuable to show the experience as total time only to a potential employer in the line of flying I'd like to do. I learned a LOT in those first couple hundred hours about true open cockpit seat of the pants aviating!!
If it's a grey area, don't go there. Airlines like conservative people.

If there's an FAR, or FAA legal interpretation, which clearly allows it, then it should be OK.

Even if it's not loggable, you can mention it on your resume... good conversation starter for the interview, and many folks on an interview panel will appreciate bush flying, seaplanes, ultralights, etc.

But since employers use total time as a key measure of experience, many would consider the use of ultralight time as a fraudulent attempt to "cut in line".
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