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Very good post Wingged but if I may. The conditions you work under, and have accepted as ok, have been around for a long long time. If you keep showing up to work, they think you are being treated fairly, which I do not believe you are. You can do better and deserve better. Why you would leave a regional, in todays pilot market, to go to WGA, is beyond me. The Neffs have a long and jaded history. If you start asking for more, they will shut down and move those contracts to the next charter certificate. See the Skylease/Centurion model. That too has been going on for years. The image of them seeming to care is just that. You are an expense to them and thus have to be controlled.

Now as far as business class is concerned, do you know that a lot of contracts are written to have the flight crews ride in bizzo or first. The company keeps the money and buys you an economy ticket. I worked for carriers that did that and still do. Please don’t fool yourself with the “New Airline” BS. They’ve been selling icebergs to Eskimos for years, ie; Southern Air. See how great that place is?

Get off, and stay off, that bandwagon. Being young is a great advantage. You don’t want to look back on your career in twenty years going “what was I thinking”.

Happy Holidays as I expect to get hammered again from this post.
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