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Originally Posted by BlueSkies View Post
I recently bought a Bose A20 headset and I've been using it in the 737. I really like the headset, it's comfortable, clear, and has good ANR.

The only problem is the ANR seems to have some kind of interference with the electrical system on the 737. I've tried two different headsets and both have the same issue.

Once the generators are brought online, and for the rest of the flight, I can hear a high frequency thrumming noise (I don't really know how better to describe it). The noise gets quieter if I turn my head sideways in the cockpit. Also, the noise is there even if the headsets are not plugged into the aircraft, but the ANR is on.

It's not that noticeable on the 900s, but on the older 800s it's really noticeable and very fatiguing on a 4-5 hour flight (have not been on a 700 with them yet). I've called Bose several times about it, and to their credit they sent me a replacement headset really quickly. Honestly I don't think it's a problem with the particular headsets but the Bose not playing well with the 737.

Has anyone else had these problems?
For the most part, mine works great. The only exception are a few of the 800s that create a slight oscillating hum (I canít describe it either). To be honest I thought it was ambient noise causing an issue with ANR.

Since I have only a few issues, try this. Iíll get you a picture in a couple of days. I wedge the ANR battery pack between the visor track and the plastic just above the R2 window and directly below the jacks for the headset. I use the clips on either side of the battery pack to hang itself from the far side (away from you) of the visor track. I point the control panel up, which keeps the blinking light from bothering the OCD captains on night flights. Sorry but itís difficult to describe.

I only have the issue with 1 out of 20 800s, so maybe placement is key.
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