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Default Video of Crosswind landing tecchnique

Originally Posted by Paladin145 View Post
As a new jet pilot, I am just starting to scratch the surface on this topic.
I would love to hear from some experienced Jet pilots on how to consistently make crosswind landings, with minimal risk of a wing tip strike ( specifcially the CRJ-200.)

I've found some great articles that talk about techniques for various aircraft. On the CRJ-200, There seems to be debate about:

- what RA height to "kick out the rudder".
- how much wing low to use?
- how close to the runway to use wing low.
- how far off the center line the nose can be, if any. ( if you have it perfectly straight, that involves more wing down. At > 15 kts crosswind, these seems to be getting close to the 5 ' AOB limit. )

Crosswind Landings
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