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Originally Posted by TheBrightside View Post
ACMI / ABX fail

All the ACMI carriers are so far behind the rest of the industry and there appears there is no effort to change it from managements perspective. They also refuse to educate themselves on the amount of hiring that is taking place over the next several years. All the majors are hiring stocking up on pilots and cornering the market by making their pilots the highest paid. They are also going to flight schools and securing pilots and giving pilots seniority numbers from their regionals.

Even though all the speculation with Amazon is enticing, here is the problem. Even with a new contract, itís still going to be years behind many carriers that have much better pay, quality of life, benefits and retirement.

There is a reason almost half of new hires at ABX quit before their first year is up. Everyone has their own choice on whatís acceptable to them; however, maybe this will keep some people from making a mistake and taking a job in the ACMI world by understanding what ABX does not have:

From the beginning you will pay for your own hotel during training (at least for 3 weeks)/ If youíre lucky you may get sims somewhere other than ILN, but that was only 1 class last year.

There is a 60 day wait for Insurance

The regional type whipsaw is still in full force - fly for less or someone else will do it cheaper

The Jr manning is ridiculous. Pilots at ABX can never count on going home after a 17 or 8 day trip. They can't plan to staff accordingly because so many pilots quit or don't come here. Be prepared to be required work on your days off. They even ask you in the interview how you feel about jr manning. Be sure and prepare your family that you will be gone 2 or more weeks at a time.

You get no CASS Jumpseat during training, only the system and training takes forever. Youíre basically punished for taking the job in not being able to get home. Itís training for the weeks on end that youíre going to be away from your family when online.

There is no KCM so plan on going through security when you deadhead and commute

There is no 117 rest rules. Be ready to fly day then night with very little protections.

Not all flights are catered so have fun packing food and you only get frozen water in the winter or in the summer water that is 100 degrees. Donít worry they donít put any ice on the plane for you.

Hotels Ė they tell the hotel donít give you free breakfast or points under any circumstances

Reserve- itís the most egregious reserve system in the airline industry. No long call, a terrible way for assignment in a FIFO, no auto release, the ready reserve- no limits be prepared to sit up to 12 hours and donít even think of getting released to go eat.

There are no trip, duty rigs or min day credit, no 75 hour monthly guarantee

Flex days; these are a nice nugget that is essentially reserve for line holders.

The bidding is still paper line bidding. Thatís right, someone else decides what days off and type of trips you want to fly. There is very little chance of PBS here because the senior guys donít understand how systems have changed and are better and the company would want complete control of it just like they want to control all the rest of scheduling.

Trades have to be for equal days and equitable so forget trading for more days off. Speaking of days off you can never ďget seniorĒ and get more days off.

Did I mention Junior man? The Company feels they own everyone to use then at their will on their days off. You can never plan on going home at the end of your trip. You actually have to call and ask if there are any messages!!!!!!!

The paper work and scoring. Yes, they still score paper flight plans and turn in paper work like 1985, and then they audit it and send it to you like youíre in 4th grade and tell you to fix any errors.

No EFB- maybe sometime in the next year or two

The commute clause is less than industry standard. You have to use 2 flights and they have to get there 5 hours before your duty in.

Bottom line this place is stuck in 1980 and management absolutely hates pilots.

Other than that itís not too bad.

ATI I hear is even worse for scheduling only 1 16 day schedule and vacation can be on your days off.
If you hate it that bad and it is so easy to get a job why don't you leave!
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