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Originally Posted by TeamSasquatch View Post
How hard is it to get Portland as a base? Seems like Seattle isn't hard to hold? Id think you could just drive to PDX and fly to SEA, or probably drive all the way the SEA if you had a line? How long do you think the drive to SEA would take with normal traffic? You might spend 2hrs sitting in PDX, waiting for flow into SEA...
The drive to PDX is 2 hours without traffic and about 5 1/2 to SEA in ideal conditions.

I've heard that SEA is fairly easy to get. From what I could tell searching online it appears there is an early AM flight(pre 0600 departure time) to PDX and SEA out of EUG and another flight that leaves a bit later around 0730 or so for SEA. I was told you have to list on two flights.

I'm wondering if there are a reasonable number of trips that start late enough to make commuting from EUG somewhat comfortable. I would just move if I could but I've got roots set too deep in EUG with kids etc.
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