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Originally Posted by Viking6 View Post
No idea what your career plans are, but realize republic is not commuter friendly. Iím lucky enough to live in base at a out station. I commuted for 2 years as a FO, and it sucked. If youíre dead set on Republic and do not want to move to base, then DCA is probably your best bet. You can get a decent pad for $250, which is much cheaper then hotels.

Try to avoid using the crew room as a place to sleep. This seems to be common place at Republic, but management is not supportive of this practice.
Yeah, especially in the winter months I'm sure. I don't want to move to base, just to be commuting to a different base when I upgrade, so I am planning on sucking it up until upgrade... that being said, an apartment/roommate might be the most attractive option right now. Thankfully, being in ATL there are 10-12 direct flights a day to most of the bases with DAL... Waiting to see with this next base drop though
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