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Default Logbook discrepancies

I keep my old-school paper logbook up-to-date, and all of my flight times are adding up correctly and are 100% accurate as far as I can tell. However, since I understand some majors want a break up of flight time by type, I decided to keep an electronic logbook as well, and just got done inputting all of my flight time into it. Some of it was done diretcly via downloading past flights through my current airline's system.

However, times were not matching up as they should. After double and triple checking, I have finally discovered why. On my paper logbook, flights are added using decimal time, whereas my e-logbook adds the exact flight time and then translates it to decimal time. For example, two 1:08 flights add up differently: 1.1+1.1= 2.2, vs 1:08+1:08= 2:16=2.3.

Do you all think this would be an issue during an interview? I plan on using my paper logbooks as my official logbook, but the whole point of getting the electronic one was to have an easy way to sort my flight time by type since I'm almost north of 10k hours and I cannot imagine doing that by hand.

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