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Originally Posted by Blueskies21 View Post
There is a way to solve this but it'll be labor intensive.

You have to go edit the block times to match the rounded times in your paper logbook.

I use MCC pilot log too and since I keep paper still too and want them to match I go back thru the imported times and fix them to match. I.e. if a flight blocked 1:38, I go back in and edit the out and in's to make it 1:36.

Some other electronic logbooks will automatically round but MCC does not and their help article on the issue says they think it's totally fine that's how it works, they believe it to be more accurate.
Labor intensive, for sure. Especially since I already have about 8k airline hours logged on mcc, so going back and changing every single leg is not a realistic option.

I guess I'll just explain the issue if it ever comes up in an interview.

Thanks for the reply.
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