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Originally Posted by JohnBurke View Post
Don't change a thing. Show them your paper lots. Or use the electronic one and be done with it, and if the times don't mesh, it is what it is.

Round them off.
^^^^This X-1000!
If you've been diligent and kept your paper logbooks with over 8k hours of flight time, any interviewer will be perfectly satisfied with your record keeping.

In the interview, if it comes up, tell him/her exactly what you posted first and they'll be more than satisfied with both your reason for going electronic and paper. Take pride in both methods as it shows attention-to-detail.

Besides, the way the math works out on some of the application supplements, and each company's definitions of PIC/SIC/solo/dual-given/etc, getting 'all the columns' to add up within a few percentage points is very difficult.
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