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Originally Posted by JohnBurke View Post
Not really that different. Wheel landings are simply putting it on the mains. Tricycle gear aircraft are always landed on the mains, or should be. Again, not really anything significantly different.

Wheel landings tend to be easier, and offer the most control, especially in a crosswind, and are harder to screw up, and a lot more tolerant if one isn't properly aligned on landing, as some tend not to be. The wheel landing has the greater opportunity to recover if mistakes are made, and gives time to adjust before landing the tail. Easy.

If one makes a mistake when landing three point, one is out of options other than brakes, and with must of the aerodynamic leverage gone, can get into trouble if ham-fisted.

In general, especially in light airplanes, there's not much difference in operating a tricycle gear vs. a conventional gear airplane, and once airborne, zilch. Taxiing, it varies with the aircraft, just as it does with tricycle gear airplanes.
This depends heavily on forward pressure on the yoke after the wheels touch, which is "opposite" of what you've done on every conventional wheel aircraft landing. It causes bounces and crashes in some cases when people try to "teach themselves" how to land in a tailwheel, this has to be "re-wired". This procedure is quite different than what you do when landing a conventional gear aircraft. It's very "opposite" of what you do on a conventional gear aircraft landing.
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