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Originally Posted by JohnBurke View Post
There it is, the myth at work.

That old "real men fly taildraggers" chestnut.
I mean they do so...

Those "Sloppy" wheel landings you speak of are the preferred method for landing off airport, in fact my insurance speaks highly of that technique. That technique requires a low energy wheel landing, dumping the flaps with heavy brakes, the tail up and full aft elevator. From your other post your tail wheel experience or the way you learned were basic at best?
A big misconception is that wheel landings offer better control... until you're slow while lowering the tail. I like to land 3 point in winds... the steary thing in the back is on the ground giving much better control than any wheel landing.

Tail wheel does require an endorsement because it is a different animal. Although I agree it's easy, it definitely takes advanced training to learn the new skill set.
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