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Default WN Wing Strike - 3 Go Arounds

A Southwest Boeing 737-700, registration N759GS performing flight WN-2169 from Orlando,FL to Hartford,CT (USA), was on approach to Hartford's runway 24 at about 18:42L (23:42Z), winds were reported from 300 degrees at 20 knots gusting 29 knots, when the crew decided to go around and advised tower, they wanted to attempt runway 33 on the next approach, no assistance was needed. The aircraft positioned for another approach to runway 33 about 15 minutes later and went around again. The aircraft flew a quick circuit for runway 33, but aborted the third approach as well. The aircraft diverted to Providence,RI for a safe landing about 45 minutes after the first go around.

Sounds gnarly! Desperate to get into BDL I guess.
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