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Originally Posted by Blackhawk View Post
Unfortunately his noise interferes with real pilots wanting real information. So Iíll continue calling him out for the tool and loser he is.
You don't realize the more you engage (and myself now) the more hot air we blow? Dude is trolling you. Straight up.

XJT is questionable at best. If i was young and dumb I'd probably go to Skywest. Readumb

Lots of us don't want to move on, have tried to move on and busted interviews, staying until the last note...blah blah blah..

If I was a young gun and XJT had a base I wanted I'd seriously consider it. Ask me that question any time in the last decade and I would have said steer clear. I have always taken pride in the ASA roots, but it has been a while since I could recommend this place, and I do now.

That said AA has some subsidiaries that have a flow, that's where I'd be if I was starting out.
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