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Originally Posted by FlyPurdue View Post
With only 5 vacancies for OCE, assuming there are backfills to OCL/DCL - what is the best way to set up your 3* to ensure that one gets awarded a transfer to OCE? Would a 'Proffer to Displace' work as obviously anyones seniority can hold OCE.

Alas, would someone mind PM me the April OCE 3XP?

Proffer to displace will only work if there are open vacancies when they do the proffer to displace run. They will not displace a junior pilot holding the position you want with a proffer to displace (only with a regular displacement).

It is possible that some current OCE will vacancy bid to another base or equipment, effectively creating more than 5 vacancies. However, there's no guarantee the company will chose to backfill those positions either.

If it were me, and I wanted OCE AND also wanted displacement benefits, I'd proffer to displace but include all the 145 bases in my proffer. I think the chances of getting 145 captain 'somewhere' is high. If I didn't get OCE, I could still vacancy bid back on a future bid.
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