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Originally Posted by highfarfast View Post
Proffer to displace will only work if there are open vacancies when they do the proffer to displace run. They will not displace a junior pilot holding the position you want with a proffer to displace (only with a regular displacement).

It is possible that some current OCE will vacancy bid to another base or equipment, effectively creating more than 5 vacancies. However, there's no guarantee the company will chose to backfill those positions either.

If it were me, and I wanted OCE AND also wanted displacement benefits, I'd proffer to displace but include all the 145 bases in my proffer. I think the chances of getting 145 captain 'somewhere' is high. If I didn't get OCE, I could still vacancy bid back on a future bid.
Thanks so much for the info - I am currently a DCE, and frankly don't need the displacement benefits anymore, as I was displaced last year to captain. When I look at the OCE N6D, I am pretty sure I will be a line holder, as I am really tired of being a very junior reserve captain...even though I live in base.

Like anything, could be a total crap shoot, as I am sure some DCE will move to the 50 DCL vacancies.

Thanks again!
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