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Default What Should Envoy ALPA Do?

Playing devil's advocate here. In light of PSA's pay raises, everyone is ready to burn our local MEC to the ground. So, assuming we gave every person in an elected leadership position the boot and we elected a whole new band of brothers, how do they proceed? How does a new and improved ALPA get us everything we want? We demand that ALPA goes to management and demands pay raises and RSV improvements. Management declines. What is the course of action that ALPA should take once management doesn't want to play ball? I'm not defending the MEC, but I'd genuinely like to know how any other leadership would make changes when management doesn't want to tango. Keep in mind, ALPA national won't put up with any kind of job action such as slow downs, no OT campaigns, etc...Any ideas? Everyone wants ALPA to take a tough stance to get what we want. How do we do that?
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