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I must be missing something. I've done a trillion stalls in transport aircraft as we had to do 2 or three on a test hop to check all the systems. And coming out of practically every maneuver in a Pitts is to come out in a stall. A Stall is air flow separation, get the nose down and get the flow going back over the wings. Power as necessary. A deep stall will cause severe buffeting as the flow separation from the wings will hit the low mounted horizontal stabilizer. Trying to read an AOA meter in a buffeting cockpit I next to impossible. Remember lift varies as air Velocity Squared. You start kicking rudders and getting one wing moving through the air while the other is stalled will put you on your back. If you are sliding backwards then you can think of using the rudder to get the nose down. But if you start backsliding in a transport aircraft, that will be a first and you'll probably not survive it.
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