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There is no pay scale. It is all negotiated.

When I first started at Jetlinx the days off were 5 days a month and the 401k was 2% of 6%. Not even sure what that means

Now it is 8 hard days and 6% match if 401 k. So the company realized that they need to make some changes. They still need to keep improving this but where they run into a problem is they do not own a single airplane.

If they were to increase hard days off, they would have to tell the owners to increase the amount of crew members for their airplanes. Thus increasing the cost of the owners. The aircraft owners pay for all pilots salaries, training, hotels, meals, uniforms, etc.

I was at this company for multiple years. The moral is at an all time low. They are struggling to keep pilots and their turnover was over 30% last quarter. The base presidents are all salesman and do not understand anything from a pilots perspective. The base leadership despises pilots and that is not an understatement.

If I were you go to flexjet. The pay is better more days off.
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