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Originally Posted by decrabbitz View Post
If you are bumped do you keep the right to travel (deviation) within 3 days of the trip you have been bumped from?

I bought a ticket home from vacation and a ride home from airport based on the removed trip. Got a crew notification saying my surface transportation in excess of $100 was no longer approved and I would have to refile. Went to refile and the trip I was assigning it to was no longer an option (bumped trip).

So I keep the bumped trips funds, but can’t use them as I had planned?
I'm pretty sure you're SOL. The bottom line is the travel funds are there for you to use in conjunction with a FedEx activity (trip, training, R-day). If you're able to mesh that activity and the travel it requires with some personal stuff like vacation, that's an added bonus. But, if the activity justifying FedEx paying for travel goes away, so does your reason for charging deviation expenses against your travel bank.

It can't hurt to ask the question via Insite. I commuted to MEM using my bank for GT to the airport and then ended up getting sick before show time. I assumed since I no longer had the trip that I would have to eat the GT expense. When I explained that I actual commuted to MEM before calling in sick, the expense was allowed. So, you can try but I wouldn't expect good news. JMO.
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