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Last August (2016), a JetBlue flight from Boston to Sacramento hit severe turbulence while flying over the midwest.
The incident forced the flight to make an emergency landing in Rapid City, South Dakota, where 24 passengers and three crew members were hospitalized for treatment for their injuries.
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“All of a sudden, the plane just dropped,” passenger Christopher De Vries told The Sacramento Bee, in 2016. “I just saw laptops, candy and soda splashing onto the ceiling.”
“People who didn't buckle their seat belts were flying up and hitting the ceiling,” passenger Alan Lee told NBC News at the time.
The flight is now the subject of two lawsuits. The most recent was filed on Wednesday, according to The Bee, by two passengers who say their injuries sustained during the incident continue to require medical treatment.
So can anyone imagine what adding an unrestrained 250# horse would have done to this situation?

33 Passengers on Ryanair Flight Hospitalized After Sudden Loss of Cabin Pressure

Thirty-three Ryanair passengers were hospitalized Friday after their aircraft lost cabin pressure and was forced to make an emergency landing. Reported injuries included bleeding from the ears, nausea, and headaches.
The European budget airline was operating a flight from Dublin to Zadar, Croatia on July 13 when the cabin suddenly lost pressure about 80 minutes into the flight

“In line with standard procedure, the crew deployed oxygen masks and initiated a controlled descent,” the airline said in a statement.
“We get on the plane, we’re flying and ... the oxygen mask comes down,” passenger Sarah McGarry told the Irish Times. “We’re left in darkness for 15 minutes, there’s no reassurance just people shouting ‘emergency, emergency’.”

Data from FlightRadar24 shows the plane descended more than 25,000 feet in just seven minutes. The flight made an emergency landing in Frankfurt, Germany.

Of the 189 passengers onboard, 33 were admitted to a local hospital for treatment. All injured passengers left the hospital by the following day.
A German investigative team is looking into the cause of the sudden depressurization.
Anybody want to add an unrestrained 250# horse to this situation? Or be the FA trying to restrain the panicky animal?

The point is that given enough time and current policies such an event will happen. That’s something that can easily be anticipated. And after it does happen, after one or more people are killed or seriously injured, we are going to greatly restrict - or do away with altogether - the whole Emotional Support Animal sham.

Why doesn’t the FAA have the cojones to do something about this before such a senseless tragedy occurs?
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