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I suspect that most of us can guess who FDXBUCK (757 program) might be? I admire your sticking your nose in this hornets nest while almost using your real name.

I like that you NOW recognize that the union should have been involved from the start and that we need to get this stuff in writing BEFORE we "take managements word" in the future (or the past for that matter). Your posting is well thought out and well presented. So ... what now?

Although I agree that it "could" be a safety issue, I've seen little at FedEx that's driven by safety (I've received safety training from the military, ALPA and the NTSB!).

You're obviously much closer to this problem than I am ... I don't see an easy solution for this problem. Lots of good lessons learned here. It's in all of our interests to find a GOOD solution ...

Happy New Year to all you APC folks.

Now back to football ...

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