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Originally Posted by e6bpilot View Post
The Max is the first airplane grounded by Facebook and Twitter. I highly doubt it will be the last, but this is virgin territory. By the time this thing flies again, it will be the most thoroughly reviewed and scrutinized airplane in history.
Two crashes with the same MO in a few months is probably good cause for grounding. Since the second crew was aware of the issue, awareness was obviously not a sufficient fix to the problem. In the past sometimes it took more than two crashes because it was harder for the information to get out and elevate public awareness (which is sometimes necessary to get regulators to move out expeditiously).

Case study: Boeing 737 Rudder Servo. VERY, VERY similar history to MAX/MCAS (2x crashes, plus additional inflight control incidents). 737 was never grounded for that issue. Should it have been?
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