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Originally Posted by flyingsailor View Post
I'm a a commercial (ASEL, AMEL, ASES) and CFI/CFII/MEI. At my current flying rate, I'll hit ATP mins in ~1 month (flying survey now). Given what'll be competitive in the current (non) hiring environment, I'm taking the CTP course on my own dime and will take the ATP written.

My question is should I continue on and take the ATP ride on my own dime as well? Just curious if the expenditure for the ATP ride is worth it, or wait until hiring resumes. I'm retired military (non-aviation) and since I didn't take time off after retiring and flying full time, I'm debating just taking a 4-5 month break from flying once the ATP written is done.

Thanks for any advice.
Iíd recommend getting it, thereís hiring at 91/135 and having it makes you competitive, not having itís the vertical file.
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