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Originally Posted by rickair7777 View Post
Things have changed since I was flight GI Bill admin, but you should be able to find a 141 ATP training program which would include the checkride. My understanding is the new rules (post 9/11) are more generous with ancillary costs too.

While you're at it, try to maximize the actual ME flight time in the program. The school may prefer to emphasize ground or even sim training which has a higher margin for them but doesn't do anything for your career.

Also find out who's doing the ride. Some 141 schools outsource thier 141 EOC's to DPEs... that's fine if it's all conducted under 141. But if you train 141 and then they send you to a DPE to do a part 61 ride, that's not ideal. If they use an outside DPE, research that guy's reputation... don't take a chance if he's sketchy. A stupid piston GA bust will haunt you forever.

Ask pointed questions and get direct answers, Don't let them BS you about the checkride and other costs only to find out that it's not covered at the end. DO NOT put any money on account up front, ESPECIALLY in times like these when schools may be struggling. Many flight schools may use YOUR deposit to pay bills which are 60 days in arrears... hoping another suck will make a deposit to pay for YOUR training when the time comes (if not, they chain the doors shut, walk away, liquidate, and start a new school on the other side of the field).

Yeah, I've gotten good at asking the right questions and gauging schools after working my way through my ratings on my own during my mil career. Finish one rating, transfer, find another school, rinse/repeat.

Going to wait until after using the GIB for my CTP course and see what I have left for benefits after that. Over half of my time is multi PIC, so not too worried about losing a few hours in a sim vs the plane. Especially if the balance of my GIB benefits won't cover the entirety and I need to go out of pocket.

Of course, could just use the benefits for something else, like a bartending course.

Thanks again!
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