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Originally Posted by Braniff DC8 View Post
But, AA is on the verge of shutting down. I am NOT trying to be mean or hurt the AA employees. History repeats itself often in this Godforsaken business. Have a look at my user name, then Eastern, Pan Am and many others. With AA goes a number of regionals as well. AA has too much debt and is already bankrupt for the most part. It's sad really but it's not like it wasn't bound to happen again. The thinking is that one of the biggies has to go so the others can survive and SWA is already circling the carcass. My advice is to get away from the airline business because it'll be 5 plus years. Sept 11th was like 10 years before things go back to normal and hiring resumed. A Gubment bailout is just dragging things out and throwing money into a dirty pool. Try to get into a decent Fractional or part 91/135 company. No, it is not impossible.
Clown post. Reeks of only thinly disguised rooting for an airline’s demise simply to have other people “feel the pain”.
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