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Originally Posted by tsween View Post
i agree with this

Majors downt care about your 1000 pic in a 152
True dat. If you're wanting to instruct because you need to build your PIC time then I guess that sucks for you to have jumped so soon without having a solid core of PIC time. Now you need twice as much SIC time. Have fun with that. If you just want to go up and tool around on the weekends and instructing is a way to do it for free (or get paid) just make sure its off the books. Although according to the regs you have to log all instruction given, typically in your student's logbook, so good luck with that.

If you are wanting to do it for the money, you would probably be better off finding a job teaching a ground school or doing some sim work. It keeps you clear of any misinterpretations, miscommunications and grey areas that ANYONE could come up with and you still get to teach flying. Don't let anyone tell you that you need a GI certificate, you don't. A CFI qualifies you to do the same thing as a GI (more really, since you can teach in an airplane as well as a classroom).
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