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Originally Posted by goinaround View Post
Do you have some kind of intent with all of these posts? Some beef with Omni? ATSG?
Probably one of the guys that's been fired this past year or two.
In any case, It's very clear he has an ax to grind.

As for his "others are growing fast" mantra..... that's the tortoise and the hare.

Omni isn't going to run a flight, waste a cycle on the hull, to make $10 bucks. They leave the low hanging fruit to the 36th street operators. Omni has a very successful business model, and unlike all the ones he mentioned, Omni has not gone bankrupt, nor ceased flying to rebrand, nor been run into the ground by poor management.

We went from 10 767's to 13 767's in about a year and a half. That's 30% growth on that fleet. One plane was an oddball and required extra training, OE, recurrent, and was a scheduling headache. They got rid of it. That still leaves us at 20% growth on that fleet over 3 years compared to where we were in 2018.

Cargo did well during covid because the world ran on home deliveries during the pandemic. While every other PAX airline parked planes, we continued to operate our entire fleet.... albeit at reduced schedules, but nothing parked.

I think the management here has done very well keeping the company operating under very difficult conditions without furloughing anybody.

I expect we will be hiring much sooner than people think. They let far fewer people take paid leave than anybody expected, and very few got all three months. The handwriting is on the wall that they think the flying is coming back in a more V shaped recovery than the doom and gloomers predicted.
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