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Originally Posted by nw320driver
Here is a article that was in the WSJ on Friday:
But Capt. Murray's flying career was far from over. Today he lives in Dubai and flies wide-body Airbus A330s for fast-growing Emirates Airlines, winging to exotic destinations in Europe, Africa and Asia. He's home more than he ever was at US Airways, and his total compensation package -- including health care, housing allowance, retirement plan and vacation -- is superior. He says his wife and children enjoy living in the United Arab Emirates, and "from a professional standpoint, it couldn't be better."
See Part 2
Sounds too good to be true. The only words of that paragraph that even remotely hold true at my job in Southeast Asia is the part about flying a widebody airplane and also a few exotic destinations. And I'm not comparing my job in Asia to a US major airline, I'm comparing it to the regional airline that I flew for. Be careful where you go.
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