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Originally Posted by reservelyfe View Post
Yes, second major. Finally "made it" after all these years, but found that I'm still just not into it. The options are to work as little as possible, save money and find fulfillment elsewhere or make a change. One thing that makes the former difficult is that the airline life is pretty disruptive. Idk...thought maybe you had found a tech job, which interests me, so thought I'd ask. Good luck!
I hear you man. It seems like everyone around you loves the lifestyle but I never cared for it. I really enjoy flying planes though. It seems the Tech field has a lot of emerging areas that one can find something that sticks with them. I do remember at the regional I flew with someone who was a software developer before joining the regionals. If I remember, he was trying to get a part time job doing the software.

It's an interesting discussion and thanks for sharing. The problem with getting on at a major airline job is the Golden Handcuffs. We're afraid to leave the higher pay than we're used to, plus the retirement benefits and thought of being the ultra senior captain working two trips a month. It can work out good if you want to stick it out I think but things suck at times.
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