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Originally Posted by cfii2007 View Post
I was recently typed in the BE300 with a PIC limitation (must be under SOE supervision for the first 20 hours).

Currently, the aircraft is flown with another PIC on board, switching flying duties every few hours.

How would I log the initial 20 hours as sole manipulator? SIC or PIC?
How would I log the time, post 20 hours as sole manipulator?

I believe the -300 is type certified for single pilot.
1. Log the first 20 as SIC with remarks that it's per the limitation.
2. After you can log PIC as sole manipulator, but I'd just log PIC if/only when I'm the guy/gal responsible for the flight. If I'm just the other guy, then I'd log it as SIC.
3. The -300 is single-pilot. If you completed the additional single-pilot items on your checkride then you can, if you didn't you'll have an additional SIC-required limitation on your ticket.
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