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Originally Posted by cfii2007 View Post
We operate under Part 91, but the company we contract with requires two pilots. So far I've only logged sole manipulator, the time when actually flying the aircraft.
Operated under Part 91, there is no legal requirement for a second pilot in the airplane. A contract does not satisfy the CFR requirement for a second pilot in a single pilot airplane.

Again, there is no such thing as "sole manipulator PIC."

You are logging PIC, or you are not logging PIC. Period.

You may log PIC if you are sole manipulator of the controls in an aircraft for which you are rated. You do not log it as "sole manipulator PIC." You simply log PIC. You'll raise more questions than you'll answer if you start making things up and sticking that in your logbook, or using columns such as "sole manipulator PIC." If you can log PIC, then just log PIC.
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