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Default Is Emirates the answer for an Airline Wife?

For all you pilots out there...howcome none of your wifes are online starting there own Thread? As we all know it is the wife who makes the decisions, right?

My husband has been called for the interview July 23rd for Emirates. We are considering the move even though he has not even been interviewed.

Being South African, Dubai almost seems familiar... I have read over 20 pages about Emirates. I am especially enlightened by Typhoon pilot!

We have 2 kids ( not yet in school). Live in Fot Lauderdale, I am south african, husband is american. He currently flies Boeing 737...regardless, I read TP's info on the schools and the villas. I think everyone forgets how high the cost of living is in the states! Dubai seems a breeze and for all those concerned American mothers going to dubai..the British school system beats the american system!!!

Do you guys at Emirates fly so much that you hardly at home? I consider myself an experienced airline wife and know what it is like for husband not to be home much.

Also, can someone tell me what the villa is actually like? Maybe TP can send me a photo of the villa, as we seem to quailfy for that 3 - 5 bedroom spot.

Bottom line, what's the lifestyle like for wife and kids??


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