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Originally Posted by RockBottom View Post
Jumpseats should never be used as a tool in political or company disputes. Especially pitting one pilot group against another! I can understand the UA Express pilots' frustration, but this act is very childish, IMO.
This isn't really political as much as it is about reciprocity and honoring the jumpseat agreements that are in place.

UAALPA was the one that made the policy change to give their pilots priority over UAX pilots on UAX not UA management.

UAX Jumpseat coordinators have worked for over a year to reverse this policy, including memo to gate agents and Captains checking the gate. And, still UAX pilots are being left at the gate while UAL pilots aren't. UAL MEC continues to fail to even address the issue. So as long as UAALPA refuses to work with the UAX carriers this is something that they have brought upon themselves.

That is why this letter was sent out.
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