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Default More trip revisions questions - FDX

Just wondering if someone else might have broken this egg already:

I'm on a RAT trip, with carryover, already blocked out.

RAT trip extended after VTOs are published and 48 hour international buffer now conflicts with next month's first trip.

Contract states:
"A pilot is deemed to have waived any conflict with the international buffer resulting from a bid line adjustment, reassignment trip, or a volunteer or draft assignment."

I probably know the answer but.........

When I accepted my RAT trip, it did not conflict w/ my VTO trips (I didn't have them yet). After my VTO was published, the RAT trip still hadn't been extended.

Now that it does conflict w/ my first Aug trip, does the above contract paragraph apply? Common sense would say the trip I accepted has changed and is now NOT what I accepted. Therefore I have not waived the 48 hour int'l buffer. Silly me, using that common sense.

Anyone had any experience with this particular situation?

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