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Here's the latest...

Classes in July and August. Dates for both are still tentative and not published, although the July class participants should all be notified by next week. The reason dates have not settled down is due to simulator availability and scheduling. That should be settled shortly. Foresee hiring and classes monthly through the fall. Right now hiring 6 - 8 FO's each month. Hiring for July is complete (hopefully). Hiring for August is underway.

Continuing to lose an average of four captains a month to majors - this month two to SWA, one each to CAL and UPS.

May be hiring Beech street captains in the near future. We have a large group of Beech FO's right now that don't meet ATP mins. If you have Beech 1900 PIC and/or significant SIC time and something in the range of 2000 hours TT, you might want to apply.

Saab upgrade now averaging 15 - 18 months depending on total time and time in type. Beech upgrade, if you have ATP mins and meet insurance requirements for time in type, can be as little as eight months.

If you have been contacted by Recruiting and you continue to be interested, I suggest you contact them every couple of weeks either by phone or email to show your continued interest. Keep your online app updated.

Hiring times are getting low. Some participants in June's new hire class had as little as 600/100. Multi time is still favored. If you have 100 hours multi, less total time will be required. If you have less than 100 multi, total time will have to be closer to 800 or 1000 hours. Both pilots hired with 600/100 were FBO trained and are CFI's.

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