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Originally Posted by mcartier713 View Post
so you/they're pretty much saying that any time under the hood should not be logged as PIC? (assuming you're rated to fly that specific flight/aircraft in the first place)
The FAR's say you can log it. Some airlines however, (SWA and Fedex at least) seem to think that PIC should be time that you are actually the Aircraft Commander. That's their prerogative. I'm sure there are airlines out there that don't care as long as you're abiding by the FAR's. If you're under the hood it's kind of difficult to be the "ultimate authority" with regards to the safety of flight. You can't fly by yourself with a hood on can you? Because you need someone else there to make sure you don't have a midair or CFIT.

I'm not saying I agree necessarily, but it's something to think about depending on your career goals. If you have no intention of flying for the airlines then log all of your "sole manipulator of the controls" time as PIC. There's nothing wrong with that.
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