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Originally Posted by 250 or point 65 View Post
Good questions!
Originally Posted by Slice View Post
How much multi time does that include? Sounds like a decent deal so far.
It includes 30 hours multi time, plus whatever hours I pick up from flying with him on some of his Orlando-Nassau flights he does from time to time. It definitely isn't a lot of multi engine time, but I'll end up with at least 310TT when all is said and done. I'll probably have to spend a bit more money on multi time, but at $250 an hour it's not very easy. The cost should actually be less than the $50,000 loan im going to try ang get. That should leave me with some money to play with for extra multi hours.

250 or point 65, good points. I was origionally just going to get my CFI-A rating, but I was told that i'd need to have it on a complex aircraft. The only complex aircraft my instructor has is his twin, hence the need to get my CFIME then add on CFI and CFII. It would cost a bit more to go find someone with a complex aircraft, fly a bit in order to get used to it, and deal with the higher prices. Plus, this way I get a bit more multi time which is well worth its weight in gold.

MOOSEDRVR, it breaks my heart not to go to ERAU. I've had my sights set on that place before I even moved to Florida 3 years ago. But in this day-and-age i have to go where I save the most money. I cant possibly hope to enjoy flying when i'm trying to pay off a $100k+ loan with a $20k per year salary. I'd wind up leaving the field just to pay for it. I was counting on internships, too! I'm looking into one Northwest er... Delta Airlines, the company I work for, is offering that i'll be eligable for next year.
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