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Old 10-14-2008, 04:45 AM   #11  
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I think it's all good what you have going. As far as aircraft types, it doesn't mean squat if you did it all in one airplane, or 20, time is time to meet the minimum requirements for each rating. Everything appears legit to me as far as that goes.

In combination to all this, use a local college or online curriculum to get a degree while you're at it, or shortly thereafter. You can get a lot of entry level jobs without a degree, but if you want to be in the norm' and meet requirements for most upper-level jobs in the future, you'd best get that degree.

Good luck with everything.
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Old 10-15-2008, 07:04 AM   #12  
Gets Weekends Off
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Originally Posted by USMCFLYR View Post
ryan1234 -

"I think I've heard of the guy you're talking about... someone said he was an interesting racist type of guy."

Whether he is or not - let's keep it off the threads please.


I apologize.... let me preface my previous statement by saying I've heard...... from someone

- I don't know this man and I have never met him, he very well could not be.... and he very well could be a great pilot, these things are only what I have heard from several people -


As far as living near Orlando... I live about an hour away...
If you want you can PM me if you are interested I can hook you up with a great place that rents a PA-34-200 for $100/hr dry + $35/hr instruction (with instruction and fuel, it ends up being about $190/hr) they also have two fairly new 172SPs for around $70/hr dry, + $30/hr intruction (with fuel and instruction...ends up being about $130/hr)

With 0 to CFI,MEI, CFII, checkrides, and significant multi-time you are looking at around $30,000 +/- depending on your ability.

They are really good people and the aircraft are in excellent mechanical condition.
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Old 10-16-2008, 12:33 PM   #13  
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Wow that sounds sweet. I'll probably stick with my current instructor, but i'll be very insterested in that place when I'm doing some hour building (not to mention giving friends rides) in between courses. Check your pm.
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