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Originally Posted by Superpilot92 View Post
I must say its nice to see some DAL boys being positive about whats going to happen. We have been trying to tell you guys for a while now that having the paid for DC9s is actually a good thing . Both NWA and DAL know they are very flexible aircraft and are reliable. I cant begin to tell you how many times i was called out to go ferry a 9 somewhere to save a bus flight or even a compass flight.

Again its nice to see some optimism now and hopefully you guys are right. (we are hearing the same info over here fwiw)
What you say may be true at $40-60 ppb oil but as the price rises (which it inevitably will), the 9s utility falls. They are the most vulnerable a/c in our combined fleet. If it's true that we can pick up the 717s cheaply maybe that will be the magic 100 seater that we all hopes comes with Delta widgets not DC widgets. The more planes the more pilots. I hope those things stay for many years but hope only gets you bad presidents.

The real question is will the cheaper oil allow our weaker competetors to hang around.
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