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Originally Posted by BringDaFunk View Post
Breaking news here,

Just heard Carl Barry,has passed away.He was found unconsciense at his gym last night,a worker found him laying on the floor, and checked his wallet and found his compass ID. Sad stuff,they are trying to contact his family but noone is picking up.

Carl,was going through some tough times, with his family, and he had a son, and a baby on the way. Being away from his wife was getting hard on her.Obviously he had alot going on...really sad news.

When it rains it pours, I know for me personally losing both Carl and my father in the same week, its just a real sharp reminder that we should be thankful for all we've got,and that life no matter how you lived it is a precious thing...To you. Captn' Barry

Sad news.. Carl's a good guy. Where did you hear this?
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